Branded Mobile Apps for Home Exercise Prescription

Create engaging physical therapy exercise programs for your patients to improve retention and promote your brand.

Keep Patients Engaged.
Make More Money.

Digital Home Exercise Programs to Keep Patients Engaged
Increase Retention

Only 30% of patients who start PT finish due to problems with engagement. We help keep patients engaged and coming back.

Boost Satisfaction

Better engaged patients are more likely to refer other people to your business.

Promote Your Brand

You are the face of your own app in the iOS and Android Stores. Patients download your app, not ours.

Boost Revenue

Improved patient retention and outcomes leads to more revenue generated by your practice.

Improve Outcomes

Increased adherence leads to improved outcomes and a better provider rating.

Progress Tracking

Automated reminders and progress tracking keep patients engaged and accountable.

Create Engaging Home Exercise Programs in 60-90 Seconds

Our intuitive software is designed to be fast and effective. Build a patient's personalized prescription by selecting from the 1500+ exercises in our video database. You can also upload and prescribe your own proprietary videos.

Track Patient Adherence and Progress

Keep up with patient engagement by monitoring their adherence and improvement through the Physical Therapist dashboard. We've measured 70% patient adherence on our platform.

Automated Accountability

Our system detects when patients are disengaged and automatically sends smart reminders to prompt them to get back on track.

HD Video Guidance

Patients will be confident they are performing their Home Exercise Program correctly when guided by HD Exercise videos. You can even upload your own proprietary content!

See The Results

Patients can see the work they've put in and track their improvement on our progress calendar.

Awards for Adherence

Our system awards adherent patients with medals and trophies as they keep up with their Home Exercise Program!

Don't Take Our Word For It.

We've proven that we can produce results with our current partners.
April Oury, PT, MSPT, IOC, CFMT

Body Gears Physical Therapy

The app opened doors because it embodies health, tech, and customer care far better than other conventional avenues - we're never going back.
Dr. Taylor Pope, DPT, FDNP

Chain Effect Physical Therapy

I knew that if the software added time to my workflow, it just wouldn't work. Not only is PT Wired more engaging than my previous HEP software, but its also faster to use.
Dr. Daniel Pinto, DPT, PhD, OCS

Marquette Physical Therapy

Patients on PT Wired are far less likely to drop off - its really that simple. Once we set them up, the system does the rest.


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